Telenabler is a part of Limitless Mobile Group


The history of Telenabler dates to 2003, when Per Erik Ångman and Jens Fricke formed a company called Telogic, with the idea of enabling brands to launch telecommunication services.


A few years after the group expanded into Sweden, bringing Peter Daun on board. More countries followed where the business environments and regulations permitted MVNO’s to thrive Poland, Germany, Spain, Italy became major territories.


Business grew at a dramatic speed and external partners were needed, such as Materna in Germany, Orange in Poland where Inea (a Large Cable TV operator) was launched.


Limitless Mobile, a US based company, became an ever more crucial partner and in 2014 they acquired the business that was shortly to become known as Telenabler. This business continues to expand in Denmark and Sweden, where it all started, as services in other territories continue to flourish.